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Welcome to Voy Tech — an information resource dedicated to business, technology, news, and ideas. We put a laser sharp focus on bringing you high quality, original content that is meaningful and impactful. Our goal is to be the technology blog for small business owners and decision makers who are looking for ideas and examples of ways that technology can improve their processes. Whether it’s an app, a tool, or simply a new way of thinking, we share content on a regular basis to provide you the latest trends and ideas that others are using.

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Here’s a fun fact: Google receives over 4 million search queries per minute from billions of people worldwide, with a just as staggering amount of content that gets created on a daily basis. With so much to read through, we’re always on the lookout for fantastic technology related news and tips that can benefit business owners. If you’ve seen a great article, or have an example of how something tech related helped your business, we’d love to hear your story and consider it for our blog.

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